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Broken legs, ribs, ankles, hip, teeth, jaw and ruptured spleen - all in a day's work for champion Ruby


Ruby Walsh

Ruby Walsh

Ruby Walsh

CHELTENHAM winner Ruby Walsh has revealed the litany of injuries he has suffered while riding to glory.

The champion jockey has broken more ribs than he can count and had more concussions than he can remember, during his high profile career.

He did all this while riding almost 2,000 winners, more than 30 of those at Cheltenham.

Speaking in advance of the festival next month, the jockey revealed that he often can't watch soccer due to the playacting.

"I don't like people who feign injury. I can't watch football because there is no point," he said. "They are acting and they are bad actors at that. Once in Kilbeggan I broke eight teeth and cracked my jaw. I was spitting out teeth for two days."

Ruby spoke about his injuries with the Paddy Power blog as part of their new 'How to pick a winner at Cheltenham' interactive feature. The festival takes place from March 11 to 14.

The toll of injuries Ruby has suffered during his career include a ruptured spleen, a broken left hip, a right leg spiral break, a broken right leg, and a broken left humerus.

But the jockey revealed the worst pain he had was from a dislocated right hip, which happened 13 years ago.

"Your leg sits in your hip socket, so to get it out through that socket is extremely painful," he said.


"I had a general anaesthetic to simply pop it back in. Two hours later it was all over, but in those two hours I was sorer than I have ever been."

Ruby also managed to crush his vertebrae at Cheltenham eight years ago.

"I didn't know I had crushed my T7 vertebrae until three weeks after it happened," he said.

"I remember thinking I can't deal with this pain anymore and that's when they found it."

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