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Betdaq hit by Oz crux

Irish betting exchange Betdaq was last Thursday forced to shut down its operations, shortly after opening, on Australian race meetings and sports, following revelations by The Australian that it was acting in contravention of both state and federal legislation.

The facility to bet on horses or competitors to lose has been long considered anathema to good governance of sport integrity by the sensitive Australian authorities who have been plagued by match-fixing in recent times.

The Australian could find no evidence that Betdaq sought to gain a licence with any sport in Australia, therefore making it illegal.

While there is no suggestion that Betdaq, which began its racing operations in Australia only days ago, had any intention to defraud anybody, it was considered by the authorities a rogue operator because, without a licence with the sports on which it ran markets, it could not be monitored.

Betfair, a growing heavyweight in Australian wagering, had to prove its bonafides and its strict anti-corruption and detection protocols before it was licensed to operate there.

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