Wednesday 16 October 2019

Wild Thing offers free legal aid ahead of Singh's Tour case

Karl MacGinty

NEWS that Vijay Singh plans to sue the US Tour after the Deer Antler Spray debacle was zany enough ... then John Daly pierced the hysteria with sage advice for the Fijian.

The golf artist formerly known as 'Wild Thing' left punctuation to the imagination in his Tweet to Singh but when read like an old-fashioned telegram, it bore an urgent message.

"Vijay don't do this ... horrible advice ... you got off ... take it from me, not worth it ... #friendly advice," wrote Daly, who filed a lawsuit against a number of parties, including the Tour, in 2007 that didn't end so well.

In the discovery process, for example, Daly's 456-page Tour file became public record, revealing he was suspended five times, placed on probation six times, ordered to go to counselling or rehab seven times, cited for conduct unbecoming 11 times and fined almost $100,000 over 18 years.

The full transcript of Singh's suit (available on gives food for thought about the Tour's part in this sorry episode but Daly's logic cannot be disputed.

Incidentally, two-time Major winner Daly plans a fifth visit to the Irish Open at Carton next month.

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