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Vine: Watch Tiger Woods play one of the worst shots of his career at the US Open


Tiger Woods loses grip of his iron

Tiger Woods loses grip of his iron

Tiger Woods loses grip of his iron

Tiger Woods hit eight bogeys and a triple bogey as he slumped to his worst ever US Open round but one shot in particular will weigh heavy on his mind.

What occurred during the par on the eighth which stood out in this catalogue of catastrophe.

In the knee-high rough on the right, Woods chopped down and released his club wildly on impact. As his ball squirted over to the rough on the other side of the fairway, the iron flew over his shoulder and travelled a good 20 yards.

Woods watched it spiralling and like everyone could not believe what he was witnessing. He was lucky to find his club, never mind the ball.

Woods said on Tuesday he was willing to endure "short-term suffering for long-term gain" after coming into the event on the back of the highest score (85) and four-round total (302) of his career in the Memorial Tournament.

The 14-time major winner's previous highest score in the US Open was a 77 while still an amateur in 1996, although the 39-year-old at least retained his sense of humour.

"The bright side is at least I kicked Rickie's butt today," joked Woods, who saw playing partner and Players Championship winner Rickie Fowler shoot 81.

Woods, who has been making changes to his swing with consultant Chris Como, added: "(I'm) not very happy, that's for sure. It was a tough day.

"It's one of those things, just got to work through it. I'm trying as hard as I can to do it, and for some reason I just can't get the consistency that I'd like to have out there."

Asked if he was convinced he was on the right track, Woods said: "Yeah, I am, I am."

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