Sunday 18 March 2018

Video: US golfer John Daly admits he gambled away $55m in 16 years

Two-time major golf winner John Daly has admitted to gambling away $55m in 16 years in a shocking interview.

Daly has been struggling with gambling and alcohol addiction for much of his career and gave details of his battle in a revealing interview on US television.

The 48-year-old told presenter Graham Bensinger on 'In Depth with Graham' how he had blown so much money between 1991 and 2007.

"I was shocked. I thought it might have been $20 or $25 million, but I had no idea it was $55 to $57 million, it's crazy," Daly said.

In his autobiography My Life In and Out of the Rough, Daly details the day he earned $750,000 after being pipped by Tiger Woods in a play-off at the World Golf Championships in San Francisco. That night, he blew $1.65 million in five hours playing $5,000-a-hit slot machines.

Daly's whole life was consumed by the thrill of the high-stakes tables.

"I love the action, I love the adrenaline going in there [casinos]," he said.

"I've played slots for two days in a row. I've played blackjack for two days. [All in] one sitting. The only time I'd get up is to go to the bathroom.

"Time goes by so fast and if you're on a roll and you're winning, I'd just keep on going, keep on playing."

Daly admits that he still gambles but for nowhere near as much money.

"Now if I go and gamble, I go in and play the $25 slots. If I hit something I might move up to the hundreds. But I don't do what I used to do any more.

"I go in to enjoy myself, I don't go in to win. I want to win, but I don't go in thinking that I'm going to win. Because that's the worst thing you could do in a casino.

"I used to think that way. I'd hit the $2 or $3 million marker thinking I'm going to win. I'd play these seven hands [of blackjack] like an idiot, put 15 or 20 grand on them.

"I've been up $5 million and ended up losing $2 million because I wouldn't get up."

Despite his ups and downs gambling, Daly said he doesn't regret a thing.

"People are going to say I should regret it.

"But I did it, I've moved on from it and I had a lot of fun doing it."

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