Friday 23 March 2018

Video golf lesson: Simple drills to iron out your long game with crisp strikes


Barry Massey

THERE's nothing as satisfying as hitting an iron out of the centre of the clubface and watching the ball soar towards the intended target.

David Lewis, PGA Professional at Greystones Driving Range, has some drills to show us how to get that sweet feeling more often.

"The secret to striking crisp iron shots is creating the correct impact factors. In an earlier lesson I showed you how to get more distance with your driver by hitting up on the ball. When you are hitting iron shots it's the opposite - the club should be on a downward movement when approaching the ball.

"Here are some drills I use every day with golfers who struggle to make good contact with their irons.

"The first drill is to place a towel about six inches behind the golf ball. On your set-up get your hands slightly ahead of the ball (see picture one). The aim is to miss the towel on the downswing, which encourages a downward striking motion on the ball. You should feel like you have 70/80pc pressure on your lead foot at impact.

"The second drill is to place an alignment stick along the shaft and grip as normal. Take short swings to get a feel of the hands ahead of the club head at impact (no more than hip high as in picture three).

"After you strike the back of the ball try to follow through without hitting your side with the alignment stick. This will lead to a cleaner, crisper strike (see picture four).

"Then revert to your full swing and see the difference in the strike.

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