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Video: Bubba Watson creates the world’s first hovercraft golf cart

PREPARE to be the envy of everyone on the green – as pro golfer Bubba Watson has created the world’s first hovercraft golf cart.

The new craft’s design has all the features one expects from a golf cart – such as a canopy, bottle holders, and plenty of space for clubs.

However what the new craft offers that conventional golf cart doesn’t is its ability to glide smoothly across all surfaces.

Hit your ball into the water? Well now you can just glide out and collect it – well in theory anyway.

You might want to stay away from the sand pit however, as the machines engines would spew the contents of the pit on top of all those unlucky enough to be close by.

Despite the video being uploaded close to April Fool's day, it is believed the invention is legitimate.

Unfortunately Bubba has said there are no plans to mass produce the machine just yet – so you’ll have to come up with some other distraction techniques to disguise the fact you’re ten over par.

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