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Padraig Harrington: The seven Irish golf holes that keep me awake at night


The holes that stand out in my mind are the holes that would keep you awake at night. The ones that I like and would design are risk-reward holes that give you a birdie if you play them well, but mean double-bogey if you get them wrong. So there are two types of holes.

On one side, there are the high-tariff holes, where you are just trying to avoid a big number but where a bogey is fine and a par is great. That’s a hole like the seventh at The European Club. The night before, you are thinking, ‘How do I get through number seven without having a blow-up?’ While you are trying to make four, you are very happy to be somewhere near the green in two and having a chance of a chip and putt, reducing the chances of a big number.

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