Monday 23 October 2017

Time to wipe 'gulliers' out

SPITTING -- or as it is described in Dublin slang a 'gullier'.

Bad enough anywhere but on the golf course, as performed by Tiger Woods, Keegan Bradley and other players -- totally unacceptable.

Yet Tour officials don't seem to realise it's a practice that should be firmly stamped out. It's dirty, unhygienic and ugly.

Bad enough to see footballers on TV launching a snot from their nose. At least they don't have pockets in which to tuck a tissue or handkerchief. Golfers don't have that excuse.

If it goes unchecked, will we see youngsters emulating their heroes on our courses? Hopefully not.

GUI honorary secretary Albert Lee agrees that spitting is reprehensible, but says: "I'm happy to say in all my years in amateur golf, I've never seen anyone spitting on a golf course."

Long may that continue.

Irish Independent

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