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Friday 24 November 2017

Tiger Woods courts controversy at delayed BMW

Tiger Woods was involved in his third rules controversy
Tiger Woods was involved in his third rules controversy

James Corrigan

Tiger Woods was involved in his third rules controversy of the season at the BMW Championship, and to his mind this was the most controversial of all.

The world No 1 waited for the Chicago rain to relent yesterday to allow him to tee off in the final round of the tournament, which will not finish until today because of the weather, believing he should have been just two shots off the pace, not four.

He was penalised two shots after TV cameras spotted Woods' ball moving when he attempted to clear debris close to it in the trees behind the first green.

Woods was adamant his ball had only oscillated and did not leave its original spot and would not be convinced otherwise when shown the video in the scorer's hut, despite replays in the opinion of Slugger White, the PGA Tour rules official, showing it was "pretty clear the ball moved".

Woods made his case strenuously, but was over-ruled by the officials.

Normally, in rules disputes the word of the player is accepted, but in this case White was certain an infraction had occurred and Woods' second-round score of a 70 was amended. According to Rule 18-2a, if a player causes his or her ball to move, the penalty is one shot. However, because Woods did not return the ball to its original position, he was penalised another shot.

"I thought the ball just oscillated, and I thought that was it," Woods said. "I thought that was the end of story. But they saw otherwise. We had a very good discussion, and we'll end it at that... I was pretty hot because I felt like nothing happened."

Woods was also penalised on video evidence at both the Abu Dhabi Championship and the Masters.

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