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O’Mahony’s brave solo run paying off


Mark O'Mahony

Mark O'Mahony

Mark O'Mahony

Going out on your own takes guts but PGA professional Mark O’Mahony is thrilled he took the plunge and launched Concept Golf two years ago.

Concept Golf is a state-of-the-art indoor swing studio at Ballycoolin in Dublin where O’Mahony uses an indoor simulator powered by Trackman 4 to do custom fitting.

Having trained under John Dwyer at Ashbourne, O’Mahony (38) worked at McGuirk’s before moving on to Titleist.

Then came Covid and the impetus to start a new adventure.

“Club fitting was coming on the scene in a different way to years gone by and I was just always attracted to it and working with golfers to make sure they were getting the right equipment to their swing and that naturally progressed when the Titleist role became available in Carton House,” he told the PGA

“I was there for eight and a half years which was brilliant. I was fortunate to work with some tour players and some top amateur players in the country as well. People of all abilities and levels I was able to work with and forge out an experience of how people would work and what that pattern of motion would be and that’s a big attribute to what I do now at Concept Golf.

“I set Concept Golf up during Covid in late 2020 and it’s a business where we bridge the relationship between golfer, golf swing and golf club. I was able to get the studio up and running in January 2021 and we were ready for trading from March to May of ’21 so we are coming up to one year of trading which has been a fantastic and challenging time but I am loving every minute of it.

“I am passionate about custom fitting, I love the game of golf and helping people along. My big remit with golf right now is to give the right message to the individual. No two golfers are the same but through my experience I feel I can get the individual into a better place to enjoy and play better golf.”

At a time when golfers are realising the importance of custom-
fitting, he’s ready to tap into that market.

“I am in the golf trade twenty years and from working with Titleist I have developed a nice client base and created a nice name within the industry,” he said.

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“I had a little bit of traction when I was developing Concept Golf but on the back of Covid we have had a massive influx of golfers which has been fantastic for the golfing industry in Ireland.”

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