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New Get Into Golf app is released to clubs


Golf Ireland has released a Get into Golf App designed to give new golfers in Ireland the opportunity to learn about the basics of playing golf at a pace that suits themselves.

Covid-19 brought many challenges to the golf industry in Ireland, with extended lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, but it also brought an upsurge in golf club membership – which has seen a rise of 12pc.

Golf Ireland believes there is an opportunity to engage with these new male and female members and future new players through the Get Into Golf app.

Speaking about the app, which was designed with the help of The R&A and Future Workshops, Golf Ireland’s head of development and club support Vincent Foley said: “Our strategic plan has inclusion at the core, we want the game to be open to everyone to enjoy all the health and social benefits as well as having fun.

“Our affiliated clubs deliver some excellent introduction initiatives such as the Get into Golf Programme. It is envisaged that this app will be accessible to support all golfers who are taking part in these programs, joining a club, or are just interested in trying out the sport.

“It is exciting to be collaborating with The R&A on this unique project and we look forward to developing it further in the coming months and years.”

Future Workshops’ Irene de Mas added: “Golf Ireland and The R&A provided invaluable insights and information about the user’s needs that we easily incorporated into the app without the need for coding.”

Get into Golf is available to download for free from the App Store and the Google
Play Store.

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