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28 clubs advance to All-Ireland Inter-Club Finals


Royal Tara

Royal Tara

Royal Tara

Twenty-eight clubs from 16 counties advanced to the All-Ireland Inter-Club Finals after a weekend of Area Finals.

In the Revive Active Women’s Four-Ball, Bearna, Berehaven, City of Derry, Co. Cavan, East Cork, Edmondstown, Moate and Royal Tara all advanced to the quarter-finals.

Three Area Finals took place in Leinster in the AIG Men’s Barton Shield with Castle, Castleknock and Rosslare all advancing.

In the AIG Women’s Intermediate Cup, Ardee and Mount Wolseley both won pennants.

Seven of the eight Area winners were confirmed in the Men’s Fred Perry Trophy with Connemara Isles, East Cork, Greenacres, Greenore, Loughgall, Naas and Nenagh all winning.

The eight All-Ireland Finalists in the Men’s All-Ireland Four-Ball were also finalised with Ardee, Connemara Isles, Co. Cavan, Killarney, Mahon, Newbridge, Strabane and Wicklow moving onto the Quarter-Finals.

Revive Active Women’s Four-Ball

Connacht: Bearna; Leinster Central: Moate; Leinster North: Royal Tara; Leinster South: Edmondstown; Munster East: East Cork; Munster West: Berehaven; Ulster North: City of Derry; Ulster South: Co. Cavan.

AIG Men’s Barton Shield Leinster Central: Rosslare; Leinster North: Castleknock; Leinster South: Castle.

AIG Women’s Intermediate Cup

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Leinster Central: Mount Wolseley; Leinster North: Ardee.

Men’s Fred Perry Trophy

Connacht: Connemara Isles; Leinster Central: Naas; Leinster North: Greenore; Munster East: East Cork; Munster West: Nenagh; Ulster North: Greenacres; Ulster South: Loughgall.

Men’s All-Ireland Four-Ball

Connacht: Connemara Isles; Leinster Central: Newbridge; Leinster North: Ardee; Leinster South: Wicklow; Munster East: Mahon; Munster West: Killarney; Ulster North: Strabane; Ulster South: Co. Cavan.

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