Sunday 17 November 2019

WATCH - Find out how to flop it like Phil Mickelson when confronted with a greenside mound

Barry Massey

YOU’RE going really well and suddenly you are left with a shot where you have to go over a bunker, high mount or even a tree. What are you going to do?

You’ve seen Phil Mickelson play outrageous flop shots. Mickelson is the man when it comes to these shots. He hits it really high in the air and the ball lands softly on the green and comes to a standstill.

Today PGA professional at Blainroe Golf Club David Lewis is going to teach you how to play a Phil Michelson-type flop shot.

“The first thing you have to do is decide on what wedge you are going to use. I would suggest a wedge with at least a 58 degree loft,” he says.

“When you address the ball, place the ball just inside the front foot. Your hands should be almost straight down towards the ball - by this I mean not in front or behind the ball.

“Open the clubface and point it more towards the sky. The more open the face is the higher you will hit the ball.

“Put your weight a little bit on your front foot also. You really have to commit to this shot. So on the backswing take the club back to shoulder height (see picture 2).

“You have to turn your body through the shot. So you should end up with your chest facing the intended target (see picture 4).

“You have to strike underneath the ball and push it into the air and whip your body through the ball.

“This is not a difficult shot to master and with a little bit of practice you too will be able to flop it like Phil.”

Watch below:

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