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US players' wags make voices heard

IT was a capital 'E' for Entertainment with the crowds on the first tee yesterday.

They cheered, they joked, they went "waaaaaaaaay" in rhythm to practice swings, they stamped their feet to make a roll of thunder when greeting their favourites, and they ribbed the American players.

But fair play to a small group of PGA of America wives.

They were real women, not stick-insect WAGS, and they bravely broke out into the occasional cheerleader chant, which was applauded by the European fans.

The best? "Our boys have the muscles; our teachers have the brains; our girls have the sexy legs; so let's go win the game!"

Okay -- you had to be there.

Interesting to note that when Tiger Woods arrived on the tee, not all these ladies clapped their hands. Female unity and all that.

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