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Gallacher tunes in to Euro battle

BERNARD Gallacher, the 1995 Ryder Cup-winning captain, is working as a commentator for BBC radio, but he hasn't lost his passion for Europe.

Gallacher displayed that by stepping in during a little spat in the Ross Fisher v Jeff Overton match.

It was the 11th hole and Fisher, whose ball had landed in a muddy spectator area, got a ruling that Overton wasn't particularly happy with.

Gallacher backed up the referee, whereupon Overton's father told the Scot that he shouldn't be getting involved.

"It was a fair ruling, no question," said Gallacher, "and I told Overton's father that if his son knew the rules I wouldn't have to get involved."

Once a Ryder Cup skipper, always a Ryder Cup skipper.

Irish Independent