Sunday 22 April 2018

Fans push boat out to enjoy magical finale

THE desire and ingenuity of fans to make sure they were at Celtic Manor for the final day yesterday knew no bounds.

Sickies were thrown, the funeral directors of south Wales must have been flat out burying all the grannies that 'died', and off-site business meetings were hastily arranged.

The eBay website was doing great business on Sunday once it became clear that play would have to be extended to another day.

One man from Cardiff, who did not wish to be identified, was all decked out in European colours and complete with a 'Rory Wig' - exactly like the one worn by the Holywood prodigy last week (pictured right).

I first asked him where were the wigs coming from?

"Joke shop, mate. That's where I got it," he said.

And more importantly, tickets. Was he a Sunday ticket holder?

"No. I was here on Saturday. Bought that ticket off a friend, spent £140 on it. Great day. Really enjoyed it," he said. "And when they said it wasn't going to finish until Monday, I just had to be here so I went on eBay yesterday.

"I found a guy to sell me one and went out to his place. It was a mansion. He was a nice fella and I paid £220 for his Sunday ticket.

"It's cost me a lot of money but I wasn't going to miss this. It's my first Ryder Cup, I live only nine miles away, so there was no way I was going to miss it."

Interesting. So much for the photo ID and security -- and the £100 ticket prices.

But such is the appeal of the Ryder Cup, people will do anything to be there.

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