Monday 20 January 2020

Pro tip: A simple drill to help you say goodbye to the dreaded slice

Barry Massey

ARE you a golfer who stands up on the first tee with your driver and aims 50 yards left of the target in order to hit the middle of the fairway?

If you are, you are not alone as up to 80pc of club golfers slice the ball.

Greystones Driving Range PGA Professional David Lewis has the cure for the dreaded slice.

"A slice is caused by swinging the club with an out-to-in path (stick aimed left) while the club face is open (aiming right) to that path."

"This puts a left-to-right spin axis on the ball and as a result you lose accuracy and generally a loss in distance. Most people try and fix this curvature by swinging further left - which results in a bigger slice!

"As you can see from the photo, there are three alignment sticks on the ground - one on the target line, one aiming left and one to the right of the target. The alignment stick on the left is the path that causes the slice, combined with the club face being open to that path.

"To help cure the slice you should try to keep the club face closed on takeaway. To achieve this try to keep the club face facing towards the ground on the early part of your back swing. On your downswing follow the right alignment stick and try to avoid hitting the towel. This will encourage an in-to-out club path with the club face closed to that path - which in turn leads to the ball starting right of the target and curving back on to it slightly and getting more accuracy and distance off the tee."

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