Tuesday 21 November 2017

Padraig physio issues warning

Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly

PADRAIG Harrington's fitness trainer Dr Liam Hennessey, also the IRFU Director of Fitness, urges extreme caution for golfers at any level who embark on physical training to improve their game.

Hennessey, a former athlete and leading sports physiologist, says the motto should be 'festina lente'-- 'hasten slowly' -- and make sure your golf fitness programme is tailored to your physique and capabilities.

"Too many people will go to a gym and take up a programme and be told 'this worked for someone else, you try it.' In my book that's the worst thing you can do.

"If you are going to suddenly make dramatic changes to your physique or your weight, don't be surprised if the outcome is not positive. With Padraig, we've been working steadily for around 13 years.

"He has a programme that suits Padraig; Tiger Woods has a programme that suits Tiger. There's a careful balance to be struck for golfers training programmes, because, with the fine motor skills that are needed for golf, you could mess up a golfer very easily with the wrong information," he said.

Hennessey noted the case of Johnny Miller, two-time Major champion in the 70s.

Miller wanted to get stronger to improve his swing, so he took to lumberjacking in the off-season because he reckoned the rotational aspect would strengthen his golfing muscles.

It didn't work out that way for Miller but rest assured Harrington, Woods and the leading modern players don't make mistakes like that.

In that respect, Harrington will do a Q&A on Sunday, January 24 at a two-day Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Seminar which starts on the Saturday at Citywest Hotel.

It's open to golfers, physios, and fitness instructors from all sports.

Further information from www.setantacollege.com

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