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Padraig Harrington's Masters yardage book looks like a theoretical physicist's whiteboard


Padraig Harrington's yardage book

Padraig Harrington's yardage book

Padraig Harrington's yardage book

Padraig Harrington likes to think... a lot. He tweeted a picture from his yardage book for Augusta National and it looks like a map that Indiana Jones couldn't decipher.

The Dubliner has always been a walking, talking, psychological conundrum and the only person who seems to have a grasp on what's going on is Padraig himself.

Harrington has been known to practice in bare feet, in the dark, to refine his backswing with the aid of an inflatable sausage, to hit balls for four hours straight in the sopping humidity of Malaysia as a group of Americans nearby wondered aloud what the mad Irishman was doing.

Golf lends itself to obsessive thinking and the three-time major winner is only too happy to indulge.

He tweeted this image of the yardage book he has been using at the US Masters for years and adding to religiously. Can you make it out?

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