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Thursday 26 April 2018

'I'm coming to get you, this is the beginning' - Nine-year-old Rory McIlroy's warning to Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy makes his appearance on UTV as a child
Rory McIlroy makes his appearance on UTV as a child
Rory McIlroy

Karl MacGinty

EVIDENCE of Rory McIlroy's lifelong belief in his destiny comes in many forms, none more striking than a letter he sent to Tiger Woods at age nine.

McIlroy (above) doesn't remember the exact words but, on a high after winning the Under 10 World Championships in 1998, this skinny little kid from Holywood, Co Down, felt he'd better give Tiger fair warning.

"It went something like: 'I'm coming to get you. This is the beginning, Watch this space'," said McIlroy in an interview.

He was confronted with an even more prophetic newsreel on BBC Northern Ireland last night when reporter Stephen Watson showed a clip of wee Rory, at seven or eight, boldly stating his objectives in life: "To turn pro and win all the Majors."

As next week's Masters looms, McIlroy said that hearing his childhood ambitions played back to him and now having the chance to do "just gives me goosebumps. It's incredible.

"It just shows what you can achieve if you work hard, have a dream, believe in yourself and have the right people to support you."

Acknowledging the significance of next week's mission, McIlroy went on: "To put my name among those players (just five) who've won a Career Grand Slam would be awesome. You're a complete player if you can win all four Majors because they're different tests, on different courses."

He's already won the British and US Opens and the PGA (twice) and McIlroy's convinced he'll prevail one day at Augusta, which suits his game to a tee.



Indeed, not to win the Masters during his career would be "unthinkable", he admitted.

"Obviously getting that first win is extra important. From there we can think of going on and maybe getting some others," he said.

"But if I wasn't to get a Green Jacket before I hung the spikes up, I'd be very disappointed."

Guess we all now know where Tiger Woods read it first.

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