Saturday 20 January 2018

Horgan convinced 'collaborative tendering' can save clubs small fortune

Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly

THE second idea to come from Connacht to give golf a boost is presented by Barry Horgan, past captain and past president of Loughrea GC. Barry has called for the setting up of a 'National Procurement Agency' for clubs.

He says: "Along with many other officers of golf clubs all over the country, I am very concerned with the problem of trying to balance expenditure and income in these difficult times.

"I recently wrote to the GUI and put forward an idea which I thought might be of some help to clubs in trying to reduce running costs. Unfortunately, they could not get involved because their constitution would not allow it.

"My idea or suggestion would be as follows: The formation of a National Procurement Strategy.

"Every golf club in the country has expenditure on similar items such as electricity, fertilizers, chemicals, grass seed, protective equipment, sand, leasing arrangements, insurances etc.

"Surely by means of collaborative tendering and the combined purchasing power of over 300 clubs, significant savings could be achieved. The missing link, however, is the vehicle by which this can be driven.

"The reason that I contacted the GUI in the first instance was that I believe the very future of the association depends on the number of golfers registered and paying the annual levy and surely it would be in their interest to co-ordinate the setting up of such a strategy. Indeed, they would be very well positioned to do so.

"From my experience as a procurement officer in the public sector, I know how successful collaborative tendering can be. We have generated huge cost savings in the western local authorities over the last two years.

"Indeed, there is no reason why this idea would not be extended to other clubs and organisations such as the GAA, FAI, etc.

"These comments are my own personal ideas and I am not expressing the view of my club. Also, I have no other motive only that of trying to help all clubs.

"I hope these suggestions might just get clubs at least thinking about the whole question of coming together to try and drive down costs. Perhaps there may even be an opportunity to create a job or two if it was done commercially."

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