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Harrington's fear for Charlie Woods

Pádraig Harrington says he just wants his son Paddy to form a bond with the game of golf but he fears for Charlie Woods as he tries to follow in his father's famous footsteps.

Europe's Ryder Cup skipper tees it up with his son Paddy (17) in the PNC Championship in Orlando today, hopeful that his eldest, a 15-handicapper who is a big rugby enthusiast at home, will fall in love with the game.

"I don't know whether I want him to be a professional golfer but hopefully he will be playing this game for another 70 years and weeks like this will give him a genuine love of the game," Harrington said.

As for Woods and his son Charlie (11), who has earned global coverage for his appearance this week, Harrington joked: "I think Tiger turned pro around the same time as me and this is the first tournament I've ever played in that Tiger Woods is playing in that he's not the star of the show. We are all going down that range and everybody is stopping to watch Charlie. It's incredible the buzz it's created."

Harrington admitted that he feared it would be tough for Tiger's son to make it in the game, however.

"He looks like he's a player for sure and he's enjoying it and that's all we can ask," he said.

"But it's very hard and it will be for Charlie too. No matter how good he is, at some stage he will hear, he's 'not as good as your Dad', or even if he is good, it will be 'sure why wouldn't he be good as Tiger Woods' son', as if it didn't take any work or as if it was all talent.

"It's much easier to make it in a sport where either you succeed or you are out. So it will be tougher for Charlie."

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