Monday 23 October 2017

Harrington's back-room team

As ever, Ronan Flood will be at his friend's side at Firestone this week and is not under immediate threat.

Swing coach

Vacant. For the moment Harrington will rely on feel, 3-D computer analysis and says "I'll be a bit more open to other coaching for a while".


Dr Bob Rotella's book 'Golf is Not a Game of Perfect' is Harrington's bible. Clearly, he did not apply Rotella's teachings as well as Darren Clarke at Sandwich, which suggests he needs to hear a fresh voice... a decent hypnotist perhaps?

Statistical analysts

Harrington enjoys working with the boffins at The Titleist Performance Institute in California. He's too much of a golf junkie to ever give it up.

Putting guru

Dr Paul Hurrion, who also specialises in biomechanics, has worked extensively with Harrington on his putting stroke and elements of his swing. The Dubliner believes he's putting well but occasionally doubts his ability to read the line and pace.

Golf clubs

Harrington is contracted to Wilson. His iron play is good but he's been erratic off the tee. Hardly Wilson's fault, as his driver of choice is a TaylorMade. He's not been as accurate with the wedges since the new grooves came in a couple of years back.

Fitness expert

Dr Liam Hennessy, Ireland's leading sports fitness consultant, enjoys Harrington's full confidence.


Dr Dale Richardson keeps Harrington toned-up on Tour and irons out any muscle strains. Again, his position would not be under threat.

Management company

IMG have handled the Dubliner's off-course business affairs, sponsorship deals and endorsements since he turned professional. They do not impact on his golf and therefore will not change.

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