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Garrigus' big impact with little putter

ROBERT Garrigus finished joint third in the US Open, but I don't expect to see too many club golfers emulating him by using a short putter on the greens.

Garrigus cuts a quaintly funny figure as he takes out his tiny-tot putter and bends right over before making his putting stroke.

The putter is 28 inches long, but it seems shorter. He's not doing too badly, though, as he proved at the US Open and credit to Garrigus for not caring how it looks as long as the putter does the job.

Garrigus first tried the short putter 13 years ago after a disastrous spell on the greens with putts from three feet. Within six months he had gained his card on the Nationwide Tour and has kept the small putter in use ever since then.

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