Monday 19 March 2018

Croker chiefs to ignore Kilkenny criticism on new sideline rules

Colm Keys

Colm Keys

The GAA have no plans to row back from the restriction on the number of team officials being allowed on the sideline for matches despite strong criticism from Kilkenny manager Brian Cody and, most recently, his selector Martin Fogarty on the issue.

Fogarty has issued a strong statement on the restriction to five of those allowed on the sidelines during games and takes the GAA president Liam O'Neill to task for his comments on the cult of the GAA manager last week which he described as "outrageous."

He expressed disappointment with the president "who I thought, being a hurling man from a small club in Laois, would understand the needs of hurling as opposed to other sports. Instead he appears to be sticking in the boot at every opportunity and finding problems where there are none."

Both Cody and Fogarty have raised the potential problem associated with restricting the number of water/hurley carriers to just two which they feel is an excessive workload given the number of hurleys involved and the dimensions of the pitch.

Fogarty claims the decision was taken without proper consultation with team managements.

"If decisions are made in a club or any workplace by one party that affect another party, without consultation and discussion, there is going to be anguish... Some people call it dictatorship.

"Many of the people making these regulations, even though they do not realise it, are miles removed from the reality of what is involved in working with teams or else they just do not care," said Fogarty. "Most of them have never been on sidelines and if they have, they haven't been on lines where stakes are high and the pressure savage."

The issue of hurley carriers is understood to have been raised at the last Central Council meeting in January when the new protocols were discussed by delegates.

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