Saturday 21 September 2019

'You didn't teach me how to live without you' - Tony Keady's children pay poignant tribute to their dad in new book

Tony Keady passed away last year
Tony Keady passed away last year

The family of Tony Keady, who sadly passed away last August, remembered the Galway legend on last night's Late Late Show.

Before his untimely passing, Keady had started to work on an autobiography with Irish Daily Mail sports editor and former Meath footballer Liam Hayes.

Following his death, the Keady family decided to finish the book - One Hundred and Ten Percent Legend - alongside Hayes.

The book contains poignant letters written by Tony's wife Margaret and kids Shannon, Anthony, Jake and Harry.

"Dad, I still wake up in the morning thinking this is a nightmare and that you're not really gone. And at night I look at the sky and make a wish on the brightest star I see and I believe it's you," writes Harry.

"Dad, you taught me how to walk, you taught me how to talk, you taught me how to throw a ball. You taught me how to hurl, but you didn't teach me how to live without you."

Jake writes: "I learned so many things from Dad. When I got hurt he kissed me better and made the pain go away. I wish he could kiss me now and make this big pain go away.

"Dad, me and you were like Donkey and Shrek. We were always together, laughing and having fun. I never thought it would ever end. There was so much more we had to do. We were only beginning."

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Margaret told Ryan Tubridy that writing the letters was the family's way of getting through a long winter without Tony.

"Well, it kept us going over the winter," said Margaret.

"Because we were facing a long, lonely winter without Tony. The boys, Shannon and myself used to sit down at night and we wrote little letters.

"Some of them went into the book. It kept Tony alive and it still does because we have his book all over the house and I’m sure a lot of people have his book in their house."

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