Thursday 24 October 2019

WATCH: 'This is very, very special' - Dubs players meet fans as mural gets updated with fifth cup

Jim Gavin mural. Pic: Conor Feehan
Jim Gavin mural. Pic: Conor Feehan
Cian O’Sullivan holding Sam Maguire cup with Lonnie Arkins from Portland Row (14 weeks)
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

The Dubs had a pit-stop on their way to Crumlin Children’s Hospital this morning to witness an extra cup being painted onto a mural dedicated to Jim Gavin.

A space had been left on the colourful display in Ballybough, yards from Croke Park, for a fifth Sam Maguire, and for a ‘2019’ to be added too.

And there’s plenty of room for more!

Jim Gavin arrived with some of the team, including goal scorer Eoin Murchan, Jack McCaffrey and Cian O’Sullivan.

Murchan and McCaffrey were both limping a little, but had broad smiles on their faces.

Jim Gavin, who had decided to let the players take the glory, stayed in a squad car around the corner as the ceremony in his honour went ahead.

“Jim Gavin was around the corner in a squad car. He’s a very humble man. He didn’t want to take the limelight away from the players here this morning,” councillor Christy Burke told the crowd.

“He thanks every single one of you for turning up. They’re heading to the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, and he will come down on a quieter day to pay his respects to the people of Ballybough, and the surrounding area, regarding the mural,” he added.

Jim Gavin mural. Pic: Conor Feehan
Jim Gavin mural. Pic: Conor Feehan

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Cllr Burke then joined with Ruairi O’Byrne, the man who painted the mural, in painting the ‘2019’ date onto the side of the mural.

Little Lonnie Arkins from Portland Row didn’t know much about what was going on because he is only 14 weeks old, but he was the perfect size for the best seat in the house - sitting in the Sam Maguire and being held aloft by Cian O’Sullivan.

“It was a great day and fantastic to see the five in a row,” said Lonnie’s mother Louise, from nearby Portland Row.

Then as quickly as they arrived the team were gone with the cup and off to Crumlin Children’s Hospital in a garda escort.

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