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Thursday 17 October 2019

WATCH: Dad's hilarious reaction when his GAA county win a game

Rebecca Lumley

This could be the most stereotypically Irish thing to ever grace Snapchat.

This Dad was on tenterhooks watching a GAA match and his family couldn’t resist filming this hilarious reaction.


Crouching in front of the television, he can be seen enthusiastically urging his team on and holding what looks like a fly swatter.


And he can't conceal his delight as his team scoop a win, letting out a cry of joy and settling triumphantly into an armchair.


The Snapchat caption appropriately reads "Anyone got a defib handy?"

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Anyone who's ever been to a GAA match will be well used to reactions like this, with spectators ranging from euphoric, tearful and everything in between.

We can only imagine what this Dad will be like on All Ireland day.

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