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'It's actually scary to the rest of the country' - Tomás Ó Sé on Dublin's dominance and fresh faces


Seán Bugler of Dublin in action against Michael Murphy of Donegal

Seán Bugler of Dublin in action against Michael Murphy of Donegal


Seán Bugler of Dublin in action against Michael Murphy of Donegal

Dublin are so strong that "it is actually scary for the rest of the country," according to Tomás Ó Sé.

The Kerry legend dished out his high praise for the old blue enemy on this week's Throw-In podcast, adding that "finding weaknesses (in Dublin) is pointless, because there are no weaknesses".

"It's actually scary to the rest of the country to be fair because when you name the players that are coming through from underage, that pool is going to be there constantly," said Ó Sé on The Throw In, in association with Allianz.

"The whole culture in Dublin is riding the crest if a wave. They're winning, they're dominant, so it's easier for these lads to come in and step up and still make a huge impact - Seán Bugler was outstanding last week when he came in - and it's easier for them.

"In other counties, these successful under-21 teams are asked to carry the whole team, whereas you're not asking the young fellas in Dublin to carry the whole team and the expectation isn't on them.

"Since Dessie Farrell's come in, there's (been) no difference. It might as well be Jim Gavin on the sideline. In the Monaghan game they should have lost but they never give up. There's this ability in the Dublin team to hit you and hit you hard."

As Jim Gavin announced his retirement from the role of Dublin manager, pundits have speculated that Farrell's transitional first year in charge would be the perfect opportunity for another county to dethrone the five-in-a-row champions. However, their unbeaten League form and attitude in the dying moments of close games has shown that Dublin, still without many of their crop of star players, don't have many chinks in their armour.

"I think trying to pick out weaknesses in Dublin right now is pointless. I mean they lost three League games last year, and you were saying 'Jesus this is different from the years before, they haven't got to a final, what's different, are there weaknesses here?' We are all trying to find weaknesses in Dublin, but Monaghan couldn't get over the line with them, Donegal couldn't get over the line with them, and there's a belief there that they'll keep plugging away.

"The rest of the teams in the country are trying to say 'right who's coming'. As for Kerry, from what I saw in Killarney, there's a lot of work still to be done there. But Dublin have that attitude where they just eke out the win, and it's just great to watch."

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