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Simonstown Gaels GAA club player diagnosed with coronavirus


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The Meath County Board have complimented Simonstown Gaels GAA club for their approach after one of their players was found to have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

The adult player had returned from a holiday in Italy with another club member but has not visited the club since returning to Ireland. Both players agreed to a two-week period of self-isolation and the second player has shown no symptoms.

A press release issued by the County Board stated: "We fully support Simonstown Gaels and compliment them on the diligent approach they have taken in dealing with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in their GAA Club.

"We encourage all our clubs to fully implement the guidelines from the HSE that they received earlier in the week.

"Meath GAA is in liaison with the GAA Central Council and the HSE regarding the well-being of our members across the county.

"All GAA games in Meath will continue as planned unless we receive direction from the GAA and the HSE. We are fully prepared to heed the advice of the medical experts.

"Finally, we reiterate our support of Simonstown Gaels and advise the public of the message that was relayed to them by the HSE:

"....the HSE/Public Health when contacted and given that the players have not had any contact with anyone in the club or been in or around the club since they returned there is no obligation on Simonstown to do anything really aside from following standard protocols as advised by HSE (refer to website) in relation to the coronavirus."

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