Wednesday 13 November 2019

Poll: Joe Brolly's proposed rule changes get massive thumbs - do you agree?

David Moran and Marc Ó Sé contest a dropping ball with Michael Darragh Macauley
David Moran and Marc Ó Sé contest a dropping ball with Michael Darragh Macauley

In yesterday's Sunday Independent, Joe Brolly wrote about a simple rule change that he feels will beat the blanket defence. Brolly's comments attracted huge interaction online with the majority agreeing with the former Derry star.

Brolly wrote: I believe there is such a solution. One simple rule change, that applies only on the kick-out. The goalkeeper must kick the ball out beyond the 45-metre line. For the kick-out, only the four midfielders can be in the zone between the 45s.

"The rest of the players must line up as per the throw-in, with six-versus-six inside each 45. They do not have to be in their starting positions, so long as there are six from each team inside each 45. From the kick-out, the ball is not in play until it is touched by one of the midfielders. Until then, the rest must stay inside their 45. I do not advocate for any other playing rule change.

£There are around 35-55 kick-outs per game. That means that in future, a coach would have to develop his defensive and attacking strategies from the starting point of a midfielder in possession in the middle of the pitch on 35-55 occasions per game.

"The rule will provide space and time for long-kicking from the midfield area into the forwards, or for great attacking half-back lines to surge upfield without hitting a 13-man wall.

"It will also give the art of midfield high-catching its proper place, avoiding the artificial solution of a mark. Critically, forming a blanket defence will be impossible from the kick-outs."

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