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No sour grapes but McMahon incident left a bad taste


Brian Fenton gave an excellent performance for Dublin

Brian Fenton gave an excellent performance for Dublin

Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE

Brian Fenton gave an excellent performance for Dublin

When I watched the replays of the Philly McMahon incident on the television on Sunday night, I got a horrible feeling in my stomach.

In the second half when Kieran Donaghy was on the ground the Dublin defender reached around and put his hand on Donaghy's face, with his finger appearing to make contact with the Kerry man's eye.

His hand had no business being there and it's something that has no place in Gaelic football. It cannot be tolerated and I fully expect the GAA to follow this up through their disciplinary channels. A few years back a Kerry player had his finger in another man's mouth during a game and he was suspended and I feel that something similar should happen here.

This isn't sour grapes either. Dublin were by far the better team and deserved to win. I just feel very strongly that this has no part in our game.

On Sunday the Dubs were superior. Brian Fenton (above), Ciarán Kilkenny, McMahon (that incident aside), and Jack McCaffrey all had excellent games.

Coming in to the game I felt that the Footballer of the Year award might be decided between McCaffrey and Bernard Brogan and after the weekend I'd say that McCaffrey deserves it.

He's only 21 and he brings such a freshness to football and he plays with youthful exuberance, which is great to watch.

He has incredible pace and he really goes for it. He's disciplined and he's able to defend, but he also knows when to bomb forward and he can pick off a point as he proved against Kerry.

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