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Marc Ó Sé describes International Rules as a 'bastardised game' that needs to be ended


Marc Ó Sé (inset) believes the International Rules series should be scrapped

Marc Ó Sé (inset) believes the International Rules series should be scrapped

Marc Ó Sé (inset) believes the International Rules series should be scrapped

Kerry legend Marc Ó Sé wants to see the International Rules series abolished and believes most GAA fans won't miss it.

Ireland were beaten 63-53 by Australia in Adelaide this morning with the hosts dominating physically and, somewhat surprisingly, technically.

With no member of the All-Ireland winning Dublin team making themselves available, despite overtures being made to 10 of them, and a sparse crowd turning out in Adelaide doubts have been raised over the future of the series.

The Australians are also questioning the value of the series this morning after  Scott Pendlebury suffered an injury.

In today's Mail On Sunday, Ó Sé that while he likes seeing players from weaker GAA counties getting a platform to illustrate their ability, playing for Ireland against Australia would never trump lining out for your club or county.

"I know that people say that one of the great positives the series provides the GAA is that it gave us the opportunity to represent our country - but I never felt like an international player," he wrote.

"It is not like representing your country at rugby and soccer, where you are playing your game in a global tournament which you know matters.

"We were playing a makey-up game two times a year and against the same opponents every time. That's not just a poor man';s version of international sport, that's a desperate man's version."

With the inter-county game becoming more congested in the summer months, Ó Sé pointed to the fact that the Kerry championship will only begin in September next year to show how the hybrid series is going to start clashing with club fixtures more and more.

"If the club is truly the pillar of the association then it should be in no way undermined for the benefit of a small number of elite players playing a bastardised game with a dodgy past and a non-existent future."

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