Saturday 20 January 2018

Managers Treat Paying Customers Like Dirt with 'naming' of teams

There are many things at this time of the GAA season that annoy huge numbers of people who pay good money to attend games but few are as disgusting as the behaviour of team managers with regard to communicating with the general public.

The dishonest manner in which managers announce teams that are deliberately untrue is a crass insult to thousands of GAA people who are almost fanatically interested in their teams.

One of the most integral parts of Gaelic games is the scope for the supporters to talk among themselves In the week prior to a big Championship game about the team, the people who are dropped and things like that.

Many an interesting debate or indeed argument took place all around the country when the teams were announced.

Then in the past decade, completely of their own accord, the managers decided to play silly games with announced teams for programmes or other media outlets prior to the games.

Even the half-hearted GAA decision to insist that teams be announced late in the week have not been abided by and we still see teams being changed in personnel only when the referee has thrown in the football.

This is an insult to people who pay €3 for a match programme on top of the €20 admission charge and managers should be ashamed of themselves for treating their own and other loyal supporters in this mean way.

If there were valid reasons for managers to conduct this stupidity they might have a case but changing a published team, or not publishing a team at all, is of no use to managers.

But as in many aspect most team managers are out of control, answerable to nobody - especially the very people who carry the GAA on their backs, the public who pay to watch the games.

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