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Managers 'left in the dark' by GAA about return to play - Wicklow boss Davy Burke


Wicklow manager Davy Burke. Photo: Sportsfile

Wicklow manager Davy Burke. Photo: Sportsfile

Wicklow manager Davy Burke. Photo: Sportsfile

Wicklow manager Davy Burke says inter-county managers are being “left in the dark” over a possible return date to action.

As the suspension on all GAA activities stretches into a second month due to high Covid-19 infection numbers, there has been no indication of when county teams will be permitted to begin training for the 2021 season.

A briefing note to counties from Director-General Tom Ryan last week stated that “the commencement of competitions in the month of March is a definite possibility.”

Other than that, Burke insists county managers are being kept completely out of the loop with regard to decision-making.

“We need communication that we can relay back to the lads,” the Kildare man told the Irish Independent.

“We’ve nothing to give them. We’re left in the dark a good bit. I don’t think that’s right. At the end of the day, the main stakeholders in any sport are the players.

“Managers aren’t the big bad guys that we’re sometimes portrayed as.”

Like the rest of the inter-county playing population, Burke’s Wicklow players are currently training on their own with no target date for the commencement of the season. The GAA’s plan is to grant county squads four weeks of pre-season training before playing their first League games.

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“At least if you give us a date, we can work towards that. And if it has to be put back, then put it back,” he added.

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