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Former Mayo ladies football manager Peter Leahy calls on GPA to demand that ‘every player gets equal’


Former Mayo ladies football boss Peter Leahy

Former Mayo ladies football boss Peter Leahy

Former Mayo ladies football boss Peter Leahy

Former Mayo ladies football boss Peter Leahy has called on the GPA to step up and "demand that every player gets equal" as he insists that many counties are being trampled upon amid the inter-county "juggernaut".

Leahy believes that the disparities within inter-county football are staggering in terms of strength and conditioning with a lack of full-time staff in many of the lower-ranked counties and the Westmeath native has pleaded for the playing field to be levelled.

"People are giving up playing county football because they don't have a chance. They are thinking 'Why would I bother giving up my life completely for Gaelic football when I can't win anything?'" Leahy told the Irish Independent.

"'Why would I give up my life when others get to go and be involved in big developments and I don't because I'm not born in a big county?' It shouldn't be like that, they should get the exact same facilities and standards as the Dubs or Tyrone.

"Fairness is all they want now. The GPA need to step up and demand that every player gets equal. No person from a lower division team should be getting any less facilities, the commitment is the same, they are doing the same amount of training.

"Build it and they will come, if we build the structure in place then it comes down to the skills, then it comes down to who's the better team. Let's have a level playing field right across the board and have standards.

"The GAA should be the standard-bearers and demand that these are the standards which every county has to have. You have to have a full-time strength and conditioning coach employed by each county – and that can happen with the help of the GAA and the GPA – if you want to survive right now."

See the full interview in Thursday's Irish Independent and on Independent.ie

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