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‘It crossed the line and it disappointed me’ – Marty Morrissey breaks silence on Brolly ‘ugly’ jibe


MARTY Morrissey has broken his silence on the controversy after Joe Brolly referred to him as ‘ugly’ on air.

The popular RTE broadcaster spoke to Sean O’Rourke on Radio One this morning about the incident.

He explained he didn’t hear the comment live, however his phone lit up soon afterwards.

“My phone started lighting up, and my good friend and colleague here in the press office Maureen Catterson text me and then rang me and told me what had happened.

“It snowballed over last week and put us on the front page of various media outlets and became a talking point.”

He said that he has known Brolly for a long time, and was disappointed by the comment.

“I’ve known Joe for a long time obviously and worked with him on the Sunday Game and other programmes.

“I was disappointed. Joe has apologised, which I have accepted.”

He said he was happy with how RTE dealt with the controversy:

“RTE sport and my own boss Ryle Nugent has dealt with it appropriately. Obviously we are moving on.”

When asked about being mimicked by Oliver Callan and Mario Rosenstock, he explained that he takes it in good humour – as it doesn’t cross the line.

“It was different. Oliver Callan and Mario Rosenstock are two gifted entertainers who I greatly admire.

“What they were doing was mimicking me, and I was genuinely surprised when they started it.

“They do it within certain parameters, and I enjoy the fun. There is a line you do not cross, and Oliver Callan and Mario  didn’t cross it - it crossed the line and disappointed me.”

The sports presenter refused to be drawn on whether Brolly would be invited on his new sports show – and said people would have to tune in tp find out.

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