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International GAA units hit out at lack of consultation ahead of vote


Voting will take place in Croke Park. Photo by: Sportsfile

Voting will take place in Croke Park. Photo by: Sportsfile

Voting will take place in Croke Park. Photo by: Sportsfile

Some international units of the GAA are unhappy that a series of motions that relate to them are going before Special Congress tomorrow without what they feel has been a proper consultation process.

Among the motions is one to replace the existing sanction with a new licence, reduce the number of delegates they will have to future Congresses unless they contest senior inter-county championships, and a move to bring the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA) into their orbit.

With some delegations unable to travel or to attend online, their concerns are heightened.

“We have an issue with the way it is presented,” said Gaelic Games Europe chair John Murphy.

“These proposals were recommended by a work group that ran until January 2020, The recommendations were then submitted to management before the group disbanded,” said Murphy.

“That independent group is being confused with us on the World GAA Council. We neither made these recommendations nor are we proposing these motions and that isn’t clear the way it is presented.

“This independent group were tasked to give recommendations but maybe the way the motions are presented at Special Congress could be construed that they are from the World GAA Council, they are not.

“The final recommendations were never discussed with the international counties. We did not see them until Congress 2020 when they were first proposed. They were all one motion with a multitude of parts which was pulled for further consultation. That’s 19 months ago. There has been no consultation since. That would be our first overarching concern.”

Murphy acknowledged the great strides made by international units, from the World Games to the election of Larry McCarthy as president. On the move to a licence, Murphy feels there is too much ambiguity in the motion.

The motion proposes a licence that will specify a time period, only being approved for a player in the same calendar year.

“The previous one (sanction) was quite clear, there’s nothing here.

“There is no clarity. There was clarity and now there is none. They want counties at home to pass this but are kind of opening up a grey area that has been quite contentious over the years.”

The size of the international voting delegation for Congress has been contentious, especially in the context of the football championship proposals with international delegates outnumbering those from Ulster, Munster and Connacht when combined with British counties.

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