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We support departed Clare hurlers following 'humiliation', insists GPA


Davy Fitzgerald

Davy Fitzgerald


Davy Fitzgerald

The Gaelic Players Association has offered support to Clare hurlers Davy O'Halloran and Nicky O'Connell.

The players' departure from the Banner hurling squad has been well documented and the representative organisation has come under fire for their silence on the issue. Writing in his weekly Irish Independent column, Off The Ball presenter Colm Parkinson was highly critical of their refusal to comment on the situation.

"Why is the players' 'union' standing by and allowing players lives to be controlled like this?" he wrote.

"Why are players still paying €50 membership to a 'union' that is being funded by Croke Park and really just a department of the GAA?"

But in a statement released on their website, the GPA says they are working behind the scenes in the Banner County, but will not be making any further comment.

"Having looked into the situation in Clare and having consulted with parties involved, the Gaelic Players Association's dealings in this matter are and will remain of a confidential nature."

"We have outlined to the players involved that GPA support is available to them through our programmes and services.

"In respect to all parties, the GPA will be making no further comment".

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