Sunday 18 March 2018

Waterford must take de Búrca case to DRA

Tadhg de Burca of Waterford. Photo: Sportsfile
Tadhg de Burca of Waterford. Photo: Sportsfile

Waterford need to exhaust the appeals process now - and go to the DRA with the Tadhg de Búrca case.

They have to take it all the way, because de Búrca deserves the chance on the final step along the road.

In the GAA, we must all abide by the rules and integrity of the game but there's not many in that Waterford camp with more honesty and integrity than de Búrca (above).

I found myself in a similar position 13 years ago, suspended for an All-Ireland semi-final.

I decided not to go down the appeals route, stating at the time that if you do the crime, you must do the time.

But de Búrca has committed no crime and it will be a very sad day if he has to sit in the stands and watch an All-Ireland semi-final from there.

This one could drag well into next week and that's the most difficult aspect for Waterford - but it could also affect Cork.

Their preparations will have been based around video analysis and plotting for every eventuality, and at this point in time, they're not sure if they'll face a Waterford team with such a central figure in it.

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