Friday 23 February 2018

Virus alert - Short-memory syndrome sweeping Clare

Clare manager Davy Fitzgerald
Clare manager Davy Fitzgerald
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

Clare, it appears, has been hit by an outbreak of short-memory syndrome (SMD). Its symptoms are unmistakable: delusional thinking and an allergic reaction to reality.

Given the right conditions, it's contagious, with the main carrier being social (should that be anti-social?) media. That's what makes it so difficult to treat since those lumbered with the infection operate under the cowardly secrecy of made-up names.

Without that protection, they would be mere pussy cats at the saucer of life, rather than raging lions seeking to devour their way through reason.

Those carrying the SMD virus are blaming Davy Fitzgerald for their condition, launching into frothy rants on why it's all his fault.

His offence? Clare lost their opening two Allianz League games, one by a point (to Galway) after leading as the game ticked into stoppage time. "Outrageous and way too personal," is how Anthony Daly described the reaction to Clare's defeat by Cork last Saturday night.

He's right. It's one thing to post a reasoned argument, but altogether different to personalise attacks on Fitzgerald, or indeed any other manager.

Now everyone with even a speck of common sense knows that making definitive judgments after two league games is the ultimate in nonsense, yet Clare's SMD sufferers have turned on Fitzgerald.

Have they forgotten that it's just 17 months since he led Clare to an All-Ireland win, only the fourth in the county's history. Really, they need urgent treatment for SMD.

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