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NHL Division 2A: 12 Exiles undone by Devine 11


Alan Griffiths became the third London man to be sent off as Westmeath coasted home with Allan Devine bringing his tally to 0-11. (Stock picture)

Alan Griffiths became the third London man to be sent off as Westmeath coasted home with Allan Devine bringing his tally to 0-11. (Stock picture)


Alan Griffiths became the third London man to be sent off as Westmeath coasted home with Allan Devine bringing his tally to 0-11. (Stock picture)

An improved display in the second half enabled Westmeath beat London by 13 points at Mullingar yesterday, with the main talking point being the dismissal of three of the Exiles' after picking up second yellow cards.

Kevin O'Loughlin's sideline cut in the 22nd minute deceived all and sundry for a fortuitous goal to put the visitors ahead by 1-2 to 0-4.

London still led by a point (1-4 to 0-6) when Richard Murphy was sent off in the 31st minute and Enda Cooney's dismissal in added time left London down to 13 men.

Westmeath led by 0-8 to 1-4 at the interval.

A laboured move in the 44th minute ended with a well-taken goal by impressive substitute Derek McNicholas.

Darragh Egerton's weak shot then resulted in Westmeath's second goal and O'Loughlin doubled his goal tally with a 25-metre free.

Alan Griffiths became the third London man to be sent off as Westmeath coasted home with Allan Devine bringing his tally to 0-11.

Scorers - Westmeath: A Devine 0-11 (7f); D McNicholas 1-2; D Egerton 1-0; P Greville 0-3; J Boyle 0-2; A Clarke, R Greville 0-1 each. London: K O'Loughlin 2-6; T Healy 0-1.

Westmeath - P Maloney 6; S Power 6, T Doyle 8, K Duncan 6; A Craig 6, P Greville 8, T Gallagher 6; A Clarke 6, G Greville 6; A Devine 8, R Greville 6, N Mitchell 5; D Egerton 6, B Murtagh 5, J Boyle 6. Subs: D McNicholas 7 for Murtagh (h-t), A Cox 6 for Duncan (48), C Shaw 6 for Craig (56), J Galvin 6 for McNicholas (inj, 61), M Heeney n/r for G Greville (64).

London - E Kelly 6; M Conroy 6, O Gately 7, F Collins 5; A Griffiths 5, P Horkan 6, S Bardon 6; N Rogers 6, E Cooney 4; O Sheil 5, T Healy 6, P Uniacke 5; A Murphy 6, R Murphy 4, K O'Loughlin 8. Subs: S Griffey 6 for Collins (13), S O'Donnell 6 for Uniacke (21), D Roberts 6 for Sheil (42), J Kelly 6 for Rogers (52), C Kerr 5 for Griffey (60).

Ref - J Keane (Galway).

Prolific Clynch punishes Mayo

Meath 2-18 Mayo 0-15

Ten of the best from Steven Clynch secured the points for a stronger Meath side over Mayo in this Division 2B clash at James Stephen's Park, Ballina, yesterday.

The Meath shooter was almost matched by Mayo marksman, Kenny Feeney, who finished the game on 0-9, but the Royals hit two goals to ensure the were really always in control.

Meath made good use of a strong wind in the first half to lead by 1-10 to 0-7 at the break. Their goal was well engineered and clinically finished by Kevin Keena after 13 minutes.

Mayo hung tough with two excellent points from play from Shane Boland to stay in the game having played into a strong wind in that first half.

Meath hit four fine points within five minutes of the restart to pull well ahead again but Mayo hit back with four of their own Regan before substitute Niall Heffernan, finished a slick Meath move to goal eight minutes from time.

Scorers - Meath: S Clynch (6f, 2 '45s) 0-10; K Keena 1-1; N Heffernan 1-0; J Kelly, M Sullivan 0-2 each; A Gannon, J Kelly, J Togher 0-1 each. Mayo: K Feeney (8f) 0-9; S Boland 0-2; D McLoughlin, B Hunt, S Regan, A Phillips 0-1 each.

Meath - S McGann 8; S Geraghty 7, S Whitty 8, C Reilly 7; P Kelly 6, D Healy 7, S Brennan 6; A Forde 6, G Kelly 7; K Quigley 6, D Keena 7, J Kelly 8; A Gannon 6, S Clynch 9, M O'Sullivan 8. Subs: J Togher 7 for Kelly (ht), N Heffernan 7 for Gannon (53), C McCabe 6 for Keena (63), L Ferguson 6 for Geraghty (65).

Mayo - D Freyne 8; B Hunt 7, P Connell 6, A Lyons 6; P Hickey 6, G McManus 5, T Sweeney 7; D Kenny 7, S Boland 8; J Cotter 6, S Regan 7, K McDermott 6; K Feeney 8, J McManus 6, D McLoughlin 6. Subs: S Morley 6 for Sweeney (41), A Phillips 6 for McManus (55), D Harrison 6 for Hickey (61), M Morley 7 for Lyons (65), S Mulroy 6 for Cotter (66).

Ref - J Murphy (Limerick).

Supersub Murphy steals show

Antrim 2-18 Armagh 2-11

Antim's hopes of securing promotion have been boosted by this hard-earned win over Armagh at the Athletic Grounds yesterday.

A stunning seven-point haul from impressive sub Deaghlan Murphy eventually ushered the Ulster champions to safety.

Saffrons joint manager Sambo McNaughton said: "We are a work in progress.

"But having said that, we have an honest bunch of players who are very committed to the county."

Ciaran Clarke's 22nd-minute opportunist goal proved central to sustaining Antrim's self-belief.

Cathal Carvill drilled in Armagh's first goal in the 48th minute to ensure deadlock at 1-9 each.

Cue the arrival of super sub Murphy with seven points in just over 20 minutes.

But there was a sting in the Armagh tail, Carvill potting his second goal in added time only for McCann to then immediately negate the score with a similarly executed effort.

Scorers - Antrim: D Murphy 0-7 (5f), C Clarke 1-3, C McCann 1-2, C McKinley, C Johnston 0-2 each, E Campbell, J McNaughton 0-1 each. Armagh: C Carvill 2-3, D Carvill 0-5 (5f), D McKenna, C Gorman, D Magee 0-1 each.

Antrim ­­- C O'Connell 7; S Rooney 7, J Dillon 6, C Johnson 6; T Coyle 6, M Donnelly 6, P Burke 7; C McKinley 7, S McCrory 6; E Campbell 6, C McCann 7, N McKenna 7; C Clarke 7, N McAuley 6, C Johnston 7. Subs: D Murphy 8 for McKenna (49), J McNaughton 6 for Campbell (53), D McKernan 5 for Clarke (57), M Connolly 5 for McAuley (74).

Armagh ­­‑ S Doherty 6; C Clifford 6, A McGuinness 6, D Bridges 6; J Corvan 6, N Curry 8, T Nevin 7; S Renaghan 6, C Devlin 6; D McKenna 6, E McGuinness 6, D Carvill 7; C Carvill 8, R Gaffney 6, C Corvan 6. Subs: D Magee 6 for Renaghan (35), O Curry 5 for Bridges (42), P McKearney 5 for Devlin (45), C Gorman 6 for McKenna 65). Yellow cards: Bridges (31), Clifford (42), McGuinness (44), D Carvill (48), C Carvill (55).

Ref ‑ David Hughes (Carlow).

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