Tuesday 22 January 2019

Kilkenny's Cillian Buckley wants deadly hurling snipers decommissioned

Kilkenny's Cillian Buckley. Photo: Sportsfile
Kilkenny's Cillian Buckley. Photo: Sportsfile
Martin Breheny

Martin Breheny

There's a natural tendency to be suspicious of defenders who propose a rule change on the basis that it's highly likely to be a means of making life more difficult for opposition marksmen.

So Kilkenny captain Cillian Buckley can expect a fair degree of cynicism arising from his answer to a question in last Sunday's match programme in Walsh Park on what rule he would like to change.

"Player who's fouled must take the free."

Since it was a quick-fire Q&A, he did not elaborate on why he felt that would improve the game but obviously he wants deadly snipers decommissioned and the gun handed to less reliable shooters.

My wish is for the rules on illegal handpasses and too many steps to be applied but, alas, that won't happen since referees appear to have decided against it. And clearly nobody in authority is challenging them as it's becoming more prevalent.

As for a specific rule change, the lighter ball and better hurleys make '65s too easily scored. The distance should be extended by at least 20 metres.

Either that or strike them off the ground, similar to sideline cuts.

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