Thursday 21 November 2019

Kilkenny star Richie Hogan 'hates' hurling structure

Richie Hogan believes that club players are being given a raw deal
Richie Hogan believes that club players are being given a raw deal
Donnchadh Boyle

Donnchadh Boyle

Kilkenny star Richie Hogan admits he 'hates' the current championship structures and that club players are consistently getting a raw deal.

The reigning Hurler of the Year pointed out that the Cats have played just three games to reach this year's All-Ireland final but in 2014 three matches only brought them as far as a provincial decider after they had drawn with Galway.

"I don't like the system at all," he told Newstalk's Off The Ball. "I hate it. I'd rather have a match every two weeks. This year we have played three games and we are in an All-Ireland final. Last year after three games we were in a Leinster final. It's a stark contrast.

"If I had a choice I'd love to play six or seven games at least in championship but you don't have a choice.

"If you look at all the top sports across the world, they are all more or less league-based whereas ours is championship-based.

"It has advantages in that you only have to play four games to win it but disadvantages in that you are going five weeks without a game.

"The distance between our last league game and our first championship game was 12 weeks."

And Hogan believes it is club players who suffer most.

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"Our club matches are off this week because the minors drew and the club players will go maybe 10 weeks without a game which is ridiculous.

"They talk about grassroots and that is the grassroots and they are kind of abused a little bit."

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