Thursday 19 September 2019

Jackie Tyrrell has some very good news for Kilkenny hurling

Jackie Tyrrell is one of Kilkenny’s elder statesmen
Jackie Tyrrell is one of Kilkenny’s elder statesmen

Kilkenny hurler Jackie Tyrrell has confirmed he has the appetite to play on for another season - if Brian Cody wants him.

The nine-time All-Ireland winner defender hadn’t been sure if he would be fit to play in the black-and-amber jersey ever again having undergone surgery on a stress fracture in his foot.

But, last night he told Martin King and Lucy Kennedy on TV3’s The Seven O’Clock Show that he hopes to return to the Kilkenny senior team if management feel he has a role to play.

“The foot is good; the screw is still in it at the moment. I recently got good news from the consultant so, things are good with my foot and I’m feeling fresh so if management feel that I have a role to play next year, then I’m very much up to the challenge and I’d love it again.," he said.

Sitting on the couch alongside IFTA winning actor Enda Oates, Tyrrell compared the medals to an IFTA.

“It’s like Enda, when you win one IFTA, you want another. You’re constantly looking for the next challenge. It’s one of those things, I’d love to go back and get another go but it’s not all in my hands," added Tyrrell.

"Brian Cody and the management team are probably looking at plans for next year so hopefully I’m in their thoughts and if I am, I’ll be looking to go back.”

Later in the show the Kilkenny All Star gave his opinion on Cork’s Donal Og being assigned to help Clare hurling management:

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“Yeah everyone was surprised. Donal Óg is an iconic figure in the GAA world, he’s a hugely, deep thinking hurling guy. So it’s just the dynamic of how himself and Davy Fitz will get on.

"If they could blend and get on for the sake of Clare hurling then it could be a great move for him because Donal Óg will bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to that set up and he’ll probably think outside the box which Clare probably lacked.

"You know when they had their sweeper system and that became unstuck, they had no real plan B so Donal would think all that out and if the different scenarios come up, what way would they come around different teams.

"He lives and breathes hurling. I think if he and Davy Fitz can get the dynamic right, it could be a great thing for Clare because they have serious talent down there.”

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