Monday 23 April 2018

'It looked to have a touch of a personal agenda'

Cork Reaction

Former Offaly hurler Michael Duignan says everyone is entitled to their opinion
Former Offaly hurler Michael Duignan says everyone is entitled to their opinion
Former Tipperary hurling All-Star goalkeeper Brendan Cummins says Donal Óg was right to speak his mind

Jackie Cahill

Rory Jacob (former Wexford hurler): Tell us how you really feel Donal Og! (via Twitter)

Brian Flannery (former Waterford hurler): It appears the civil war is still going on in Cork - Donal Og v county board (via Twitter)

Kevin Hennessy (former Cork hurler): I would be on Frank's (Murphy) side. If the other 31 counties had county secretaries like Frank, they'd all be better off. I always got on with Frank, he was always very straight.

Michael Duignan (former Offaly hurler): Everybody is entitled to their opinion but a right of reply is important too. It was almost as if Donal Og was waiting for Cork to get beaten and then he had the graphs ready. There's a history there with Cork and the strikes but to me it looked to have a touch of a personal agenda. Still, the graph of their results at various levels spoke volumes.

Denis Byrne (former Kilkenny hurler): A lot of what he (Cusack) said is right. Cork haven't had underage success. I said to a Cork man earlier in the year that they'd be better off to forget about the senior team for a while and win a few underage titles. Not winning a minor All-Ireland since 2001 and no U21 since 1998 is too long for a county of Cork's stature.

Pat Mulcahy (Former Cork hurler): I think a lot of people wouldn't have put in quite such a way. I'm not sure there's anything to be gained by that but there is a major problem there. For me, in Cork we tend to react to things all the time.

Brendan Cummins (Former Tipperary hurler): In these things, you always need a catalyst for change. Cork have reached a crossroads and while Donal Og was right to speak his mind, it might make other people's positions more entrenched.

Sean Kelly (Former GAApresident): I'm very sorry for Cork that both of them came a cropper within 24 hours but knee jerk reactions are not good for anybody. The best thing for Cork to do is go away and dwell on it. Then put structures and a plan in place.

Derek Kavanagh (former Cork footballer): I didn't actually see Donal Og's comments - I heard about them in work. It's the obvious reaction after a weekend like that, with people calling for a root and branch analysis and getting back to basis and developing youngsters.

Paudie Murray (Cork camogie manager): He (Cusack) definitely has a point when you look at the stats over the last number of years. You only have to look at the city today and the number of schools that have disappeared for part of the problem.

Tomas Mulcahy (former Cork hurler): It didn't take long - Cork team bus for sale on Done Deal - I wonder is Donal Og on it? (via Twitter)

Compiled by Jackie Cahill

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