Tuesday 12 December 2017

'I was wearing blister socks but they made things worse' - Kilkenny's Richie Hogan

Cormac Byrne

Cormac Byrne

Kilkenny star Richie Hogan has revealed that he was wearing special socks to prevent blisters during yesterday's All-Ireland semi-final victory over Waterford but the plan backfired.

The reigning Hurler of the Year caused a stir on social media last night when he posted an image of the extensive blistering on his feet following the game at Croke Park.

The 27-year-old has revealed that he was wearing protective socks but it only made the situation worse.

"It's something I get a lot but they were particularly bad the other day. Believe it or not I was wearing these special blister socks and I cut the top off my normal Kilkenny socks and rolled them down over it," he told Off The Ball on Newstalk.

"It's actually made them twice as bad. They were fairly raw but to be honest with you, they clear up in a few days.

"Instead of blister socks they should be called 'Give me blister socks'. It's the worst thing I ever put on my feet.

"Croke Park is very hard and not matter what you do you're going to get blister. With my game I do a lot of twisting and turning, so it affects me a little bit more.

"I've got at least 45 messages on Twitter asking me do I want to try this magic therapy but I think I should stay battling away."

If the blisters were not enough, the Danesfort clubman revealed that he was suffering from a prolapsed disc in his back in the lead-up to the game and wasn't able to walk last Tuesday.

"I had a dodgy enough injury, a prolapsed disc and I had damage to a couple of fast joints in my back. It's not the worst injury I've got but it was the worst timing for an injury," he added.

"We were on a weekend away last Friday and saturday and I was in the middle of a tackle and my back just locked up and a disk just kind of slipped out and I wasn't able to walk until about Tuesday.

"I didn't even try running until Friday but it kind of cleared up a bit, I got some cortisone injections.

"Adrenalin is a great thing because it kind of gets you through those minor knocks."

Kilkenny are in another All-Ireland decider after competing in just three Championship games and Hogan has admitted that he has little time for the current structure of the competition.

"We're probably more used to it than other counties because if you win the Leinster final, which we have done for a good few years - maybe 10 of the last 12 or 13 - we automatically know that you get a five-week break, you get one week of club games and then you have three full weeks of hard training. Unless your squad is of a standard that you can play matches of championship intensity, then you're really at nothing," he said.

"To be honest with you, I don't like the system at all. I hate it. I'd rather have a match every two weeks. [This year, we've] played three games and we're in an All-Ireland final. Last year, after three games, we were in a Leinster final so it's a stark contrast. If I had the choice, I'd love to play six or seven games at least in championship."

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