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Disagree with your own county, John?

Martin Breheny

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John Kiely. Photo: Sportsfile

John Kiely. Photo: Sportsfile


John Kiely. Photo: Sportsfile

Limerick manager John Kiely is against any hurling rule change, including alignment with football through the introduction of black cards and the sin-bin.

"Nobody is giving out about hurling apart from one or two and they're going to be giving out anyway. The game is fine. Leave it alone, please," said Kiely.

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Actually, John, there are a lot more than 'one or two' and you know them well too. In fact, your own county is seeking far more radical change than mere tweaks of a rule covering cynical play.

Last December, Limerick Convention backed a call for the use of technology to clarify if officials erred in a decision relating to the validity of a score or awarding of a free/sideline/wide/65. Each team would be allowed two reviews per game.

It arose from Limerick's dismay at not being awarded a 65 in the closing seconds of last year's All-Ireland semi-final against Kilkenny, which Limerick lost by a point.

Can we take it that Kiely is opposed to his own county's position on technology?

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