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Davy Fitzgerald reveals he hasn't looked at awkward interview with RTE's Clare McNamara


Davy Fitzgerald gave a very awkward interview on The Sunday Game

Davy Fitzgerald gave a very awkward interview on The Sunday Game

Davy Fitzgerald gave a very awkward interview on The Sunday Game

Clare hurling boss Davy Fitzgerald has given a very in-depth interview with the Clare Champion this week.

One of the subjects touched on in the interview, after burying the hatchet with local journalist Peter O'Connell, was the issue of his Sunday Game interview with RTE's Clare McNamara.

Fitzgerald was adamant that his style of dealing with such interviews was not a deliberate stance to be in the limelight, as some people have suggested.

"I haven't looked at that interview. The only thing, for the record, that I was upset about was the four minutes," he said.

"I saw four minutes on the fourth official's board. I was adamant, I asked the question and I didn't get the proper answer to it.

"I'm a passionate Clare man and I'm not going to change that.

"While there are certain things that I would like to change maybe in interviews, I can't change that.

"As much as certain people would like to think that I like being in the public eye, I absolutely detest it."

Watch the interview below:

Clare's build-up to the Championship was marred by controversy in March after Nicky O'Connell and Davy O'Halloran left the panel over what they believed to be excessive disciplinary action.

O'Connell later apologised and returned to the hurling squad but O'Halloran threw his lot in with the county footballers.

Fitzgerald denied suggestions he sought to exert too much control over his players, however, whether on or off the field.

“There is a bit of slack," he insisted. "The only thing is when they are off the drink at a certain spell, I ask them to ring me when they are going out so that someone won’t ring me and say ‘I heard x or y was out’. I trust them.

“Every now and again a guy will make a mistake. I’m not going to kill him over that. It’s just about keeping a happy medium so that we don’t go absolutely ballistic.”

On his side's prospect's for the rest of the season following their narrow Munster championship defeat to Limerick, Fitzgerald said he believes that Clare are close to rediscovering the intensity that got saw them win the All-Ireland in 2013.

 “I said after 2013 that we were going to find it hard over the next year or two," he added

"Our tackle count and our turnover count from 2013 to 2014 went down significantly. We were averaging about 19 turnovers a game in 2013. Last year, we were only averaging 12 or 13 and our tackle count was down about 15pc.

"In the last league game against Kilkenny, we got back up to 15 or 16 turnovers and for the Limerick game we hit 20. So I know that the intensity and work rate is coming back.”

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